The Winkler and Morden Police services have once again teamed up for a charity bike auction.

Winkler Police Chief Rick Hiebert explains a number of bicycles are found each year, and eventually the department simply runs out of storage space.

'It's an awful lot of work, but it's also a great opportunity to turn that into a way we can give back to the community," he says.

This year Katie Cares was the recipient of Morden's proceeds and the Bunker Winkler's.

Hiebert says they try to give back to charities that involve youth. Past recipients include Big Brothers Big Sisters.

In total the event raised $3,051. Morden sold 32 bikes and Winkler sold 60.

The funds will be split proportionality between both services respective charities.

Hiebert explains the event wouldn't be possible without the help of Bill Klassen Auctioneers.

He notes Bill Klassen has been doing the charity bike auction for over 20 years.