It is election day in Manitoba. The following are a list of locations where you can vote today.


WHAT                                  WHERE                                      WHEN 

City of Winkler                  Winkler Elementary School             8am-8pm
Town of Altona                Rhineland Pioneer Center               8am-8pm
R.M. of Rhineland                                                               8am-8pm
          Ward 1                  Neubergthal Halbstadt
Town of Morris                Southern MB Convention Center      8am-8pm
R.M. of Morris                  Southern MB Convention Center      8am-8pm
Town of Morden              Morden Rec Center                        8am-8pm
R.M. of Stanley  
          Ward 1                 Southwood School                        8am-8pm
          Ward 2                 Morden Rec Center                       8am-8pm
Plum Coulee                    Plum Coulee Seniors Centre             8am-8pm
Town of Carman              Community Hall                             8am-8pm
R.M. of Dufferin 
          Ward 2                 Carman Community Hall                  8am-8pm
          Ward 4                 Rosiele EM Church                         8am-8pm
R.M. of Roland 
          All Wards              Roland Memorial Hall                       8am-8pm
R.M. of Pembina
          Ward 1 & 6          Evergreen Room in Darlingford          8am-8pm
          Ward 2,3,4          La Riviere Rec Center                       8am-8pm
          Ward 5               Manitou Curling Rink                         8am-8pm 
Town of Manitou            Manitou Curling Rink                        8am-8pm
R.M. of Thompson          Miami Community Centre                  8am-8pm


Garden Valley                 Winkler Elementary School                8am-8pm
Prairie Spirit
          Ward 3
        Subdivision 9 & 10     St.Claude Rec Center                    8am-8pm
        Subdivision 11          Haywood Community Hall                8am-8pm
          Ward 9
        Subdivision 1            Manitou Community Curling Rink      8am-8pm
        Subdivision 2           Evergreen Room in Darlingford         8am-8pm
Western School                Morden Rec Center                       8am-8pm