There is now one set of by-laws that apply to all areas of the Municipality of Rhineland.

Council has approved the new rules that pertain to unsightly property, derelict vehicles, animal control, parking and traffic, noise and outdoor fires.

Until now, Reeve Don Wiebe says each community in the municipality had their own set of rules leftover from amalgamation five years ago.

"As you can imagine there was a variety of by-laws from Plum Coulee, Gretna, and Rhineland so we had to draft by-laws that combine the existing ones and create a new set," explained Wiebe.

The move comes as private security firm, Commissionaires, prepares to take over by-law enforcement in the municipality. Currently, complaints are dealt with by municipal staff.

Officers will enforce the rules according to the Provincial Offences Act and Manitoba By-Law Enforcement Act also approved and adopted by Council at its last regular meeting. This new ticketing method gives municipalities the ability to process and resolve parking violations and other by-law infractions through administrative penalties.

"Being a relatively new municipality, this was timely and it looks better than what we've ever had before," said Wiebe, noting the amended by-laws were formulated using a combination of legal advice and feedback from the Commissionaires.

Next, Council is putting the final touches on an agreement with an animal control officer for the municipality.