The Municipality of Rhineland is looking to benefit from the next round of federal-provincial infrastructure funding. Council plans to submit applications for 5 projects to the Investing in Canada program.

At the top of the list is further improvements to the municipality's priority grain roads network.

"(They) link to provincial roads/provincial highways and it's a way of helping producers get their product out as conveniently as possible. That road network needs some support," explained Reeve Don Wiebe.

Second on the list is a bigger pump house for the GNS East pumping station.

"We don't have enough reservoir the project is to add another reservoir, just attach a big cistern so that we have more storage capacity," added Wiebe.

Council is also looking for funding to help offset the cost of installing digital utility meters, equipped with backflow prevention devices, across the municipality.

Additionally, a pair of recreation projects will be part of the application package.

The first is a major renovation to the Gretna Arena, of which the municipality recently took over responsibility.

While plans are already underway to spruce up the facility with new lights, cleaned up ceiling tiles and a fresh coat of paint, Wiebe says a larger-scale project including a concrete ice surface floor and new canteen area would require more time and money.

The second recreation project, and last on the overall list, is a plan to surface the Trans Canada Trail between Gretna and Altona.