A project to expand water storage capacity in the Municipality of Rhineland won't cost Council a cent.

The Manitoba Government announced last week that it will foot the entire $3.2 million bill to install a 2,000 cubic meter underground reservoir at the GNS East pumping station as part of a $17 million investment to help build the province's climate resilience.

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"This is incredible. This is incredible. We are so pleased with that," said Rhineland Reeve, Don Wiebe. "This was our number one priority when we sent in our application through the federal infrastructure program."

Council doesn't quite yet have all of the details regarding this announcement or how the funding will roll out, but Wiebe noted Borderland MLA Josh Guenter has assured them that information will be coming shortly.

Currently, the GNS East facility has a 400 cubic meter storage capacity and services the southern portion of the municipality including the L.U.D. of Gretna. According to Wiebe, demand on the system during peak season is three times its capacity - drawing 1,200 cubic meters of water daily. Based on the latest growth projections for the municipality, the expanded reservoir will ensure a two day supply in the high season 20 years down the road.

As well, Wiebe noted the extra capacity will take pressure off of the Pembina Valley Water Co-op's plant at Letellier during peak times. Additionally, the underground concrete tank will boast a feature that further removes trihalomethanes from the water supply, and exceeds the 40-year life span of an above-ground tank.

Negotiations are underway with a neighbouring landowner to purchase the extra space needed to accommodate the expansion. Wiebe expects the final details of the project to get worked out this fall.