The Municipality of Rhineland plans to make some adjustments to its applications for the federal infrastructure funding program, Investing in Canada.

Upgrades to the municipality's priority grain road network are now second on the list after it became clear this summer that the GNS East water pumping station is inadequate, boosting that project to the number one spot.

Reeve Don Wiebe explains an equipment failure at the Pembina Valley Water Co-op's Letellier water treatment plant emphasized the need for a bigger reservoir at the pumping station, noting current storage capacity was unable to keep up with demand in the area as levels became critically low.

"We just thought this is not adequate, particularly in the peak we thought it was imperative that we reconsider our priorities and put that as number one because water is so fundamental to how we live. It's essential," said Wiebe.

In another turn of events, Council also plans to scrap its application to off-set the cost of installing digital utility meters equipped with backflow prevention devices across the municipality, for a sewer lift station in Plum Coulee.

Still, a part of the plan, however, is a major renovation to the Gretna Arena and a plan to surface the Trans Canada Trail between Gretna and Altona.

Council is set to approve the new application package at its regular meeting in August.

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