A local construction company will soon begin work on the new K-8 school in Winkler.
WBS Construction has been awarded the Pine Ridge Elementary School project.
Garden Valley School Division Board Chair Laurie Dyck said there were a total of five bids submitted for the project. She noted they felt WBS presented the best timeline.
WBS Construction submitted a base bid of $23,871,303 for the estimated $30-million project.

Other bids included:

Parkwest Projects $23,734,033.00
WBS Construction $23,871,303.00
Red Lake Construction Company $24,305,000.00
Penn-Co Const Canada (2003) Ltd $26,269,996.00
Fresh Projects $27,637,000.00

However, it's not the first project WBS has done for Garden Valley School Division. The company also built Prairie Dale School in Schanzenfeld and were also the contractors for a significant renovation project at Garden Valley Collegiate.

"We're very thrilled to be working with someone who is local and has more of a vested interest in Garden Valley School Division... we're anticipating great teamwork to get this done," said Dyck.

"Now it's in WBS' hands," said Dyck. "As soon as they can get mobilized and get going, that's how soon it (construction) will start."

The Pine Ridge Elementary School is expected to be ready by fall of 2019.