Nearly twenty teams participated in the first Manitoba Sunflower Festival fundraising quiz night held Saturday evening at the Rhineland Pioneer Centre in Altona. Festival Chair Sanrda Klassen was very pleased with how the first-time event came together.

"We're feeling great, we think this was a big success," she told CFAM Radio 950 Morning Show Host Chris Sumner. "We were unsure, do we do this, do we not? It was successful, so we've already talked that we will make this an annual event."

Just over $2,000 was raised through the event, and Klassen hopes they will be able to build on that next year if the fundraiser is held, again.

"We want to bring in a little bigger band next year, and then in six years it's our 65th, so we're looking at spending a little more," she said. "We want to get more people in the community, so that's our plan."

Klassen noted it was good to see the number of teams registered for the first go around, and believes it showed the community wants to support the Festival.

"It just shows us people really do love their community, and they want to support it," she said. "That's why we, as volunteers, are involved because we just we know how important it is to our community. We're hoping, if we do this again next year, the word will get out and more people will come."

CFAM Radio 950 had a team in the trivia nightLeft to right: Laverne Siemens, Deb Siemens, Candace Derksen, Christine Heppner, Mary Klassen, Chris Sumner, Delores Smith and Sharleen Thiessen

And speaking of volunteers, Klassen added that was something the organizing committee is looking for currently.

"We're looking for people to help with the parade, that's always something we're lacking is someone to take that on and help out," she said. "If you're interested in helping us out that morning on Saturday during the parade, let the Rec office know, or talk to Kody Larter, and he'll put you on the list."

Meanwhile, looking ahead to the 2024 Manitoba Sunflower Festival July 26th through 28th, Klassen shared planning is going well, so far.

"We have the entertainment booked for Friday night and for Saturday night," she said. "We're not quite ready to give those names yet, but we're excited. We're looking forward to that. Lots of vendors have already paid. I think we have 14 or 15 food trucks already booked. We have some local talent coming out on Friday night at 10:00. We're just starting to look at the parade, but it's coming along. It's exciting."

crowd in a hallIt was a great crowd Saturday night

You can listen to Chris Sumner's conversation with Sandra, below.