Rhineland Car wrapped up its annual WE Scare Hunger campaign yesterday with a delivery of non-perishable food items to the Rhineland and Area Foodbank in Altona. The dealership partnered with École Parkside School for the effort, which is part of the national WE Scare Hunger movement championed by Ford Canada.

This was the fifth consecutive year Rhineland Car and École Parkside School partnered since the program's inception in 2014. The goal is to fill up at least one Ford F-150 with non-perishable food items, and Rhineland Car and École Parkside School have always needed two trucks to facilitate the delivery to the food bank... a testament to how generous the community is, and the willingness of the students to get involved!

Morning Show Co-Host Chris Sumner stopped by the school Thursday morning as the students and Rhineland Car staff were getting ready to transport the hundreds of items of food, and spoke with owner Jim Dick about the effort.



Chris also chatted with Carla Hiebert, the Grade 7/8 teacher of the classroom in charge or organizing this year's collection efforts at the school.



Congratulations to the students and staff who organized another successful event for the Rhineland and Area Foodbank in Altona.