Food for all is at Winkler Co-op today supporting the Winkler Food Cupboard.
With donations often down in the summer months, Milt Olfert - board chair of the Winkler Food Cupboard, says today's event is extremely helpful heading into the next few months.

For those needing the food cupboard, Olfert said they strive to make the experience as close to a real shopping excursion for clients as possible.

"We try to give them as much dignity as possible when they come through. There are some things they may not eat, or have allergies to, so we want to be sensitive to that, and our volunteers do a wonderful job with that."

Olfert said the Food Cupboard has 56 volunteers. With no paid staff, he says that means almost every dollar goes to purchasing food.

The purchase of a grocery store gift card has an additional benefit.

"It allows us to purchase specific foods that fit into our shelves which we normally buy, and we know it's fresh food. We do have a food rescue program, but this allows us to have, whether it's produce, milk, eggs, meat, or pasta, it allows us to have a consistent supply there."

"We are so thankful for grocery stores like Co-op that support us."

Each Wednesday, Olfert said between 150 and 160, individual/family clients use the Winkler Food Cupboard each week. "They can actually come twice a month, so every other week they are allowed to come. Not everybody does, but most of them do."

Food for All is at Winkler Co-op today, in support of the Winkler Food Cupboard. 
From 9 am to 6 pm, join us and buy pre-loaded Co-op grocery cards to ensure every family in our community has enough to eat.

~ With files from Ronny Guenther and Nicole Klassen ~