In recent years, more people than ever are struggling to put food on the table.
Like many food banks across Canada, Many Hands in Morden has seen the need increase for their services. 

Executive Director, Mariyam Tsygankova says the food bank now provides hampers for over 200 families, each month.

"We are not a government-funded organization," said Tsygankova. "We exist because people support us. The other day I talked to some of our partners, and they said 'Hey, sorry we just (only) fundraised $300 for you.' "

"It's not just $300," exclaimed Tsygankova. "We can buy 100 packages of milk for $300. We'll be able to put 100 packages of milk in 100 hampers. So that means a lot to us. Every dollar counts."

Many Hands partners with the local grocery stores, participating in their Shrink Program. The Shrink program donates items nearing their expiration date. "Sometimes we get much food, sometimes we don't get as much." 

In addition to what they receive through the Shrink program each month, Tsygankova says they spend about $3000 to purchase fresh eggs, milk, and bread every month to include in the hampers.

Food for All is at the Morden Co-op grocery store today to support Many Hands. 
From 9 am to 6 pm, join us to help Many Hands reach their goal of raising $10,000, and ensure every family in our community has enough to eat.

~ With Files from Ronny Guenther ~

Many Hands set upLeft to right; Dyane Wiens, Many Hands Mariyam Tsygankova and Morden Mayor Nancy Penner