After Saturday’s announcement of a major seizure of firearms, ammo, prohibited weapons and items related to the manufacture of prohibited firearms and devices Winkler Police say the “Project RECOIL” investigation continues.

“At this point, I would consider the investigation ongoing,” stated Patrol Sergeant Brad Goertzen when asked whether additional charges could be forthcoming. “As mentioned earlier, there is a significant amount of additional work to be done analyzing and examining seized evidence before police can determine whether or not additional charges will be laid.”

As a result of the three month long, multi-agency investigation a 22 year old Winkler man was arrested April 29th and charged with numerous firearms related offences, including manufacturing and possessing prohibited firearms and devices. The investigation began February 1st after police learned the suspect may be manufacturing prohibited firearm suppressors.

The investigation included the RCMP’s Digital Forensics Services (DFS), which provides forensic expertise in computer-assisted crime investigations. 

“DFS assists us regularly in a variety of investigations, as we do not have the resources to conduct full forensic examinations on seized electronic storage devices,” explained Goertzen. “We seized a number of electronic storage devices, and other data during Project RECOIL, and DFS is assisting us with the examination of these devices and data to further our investigation.”

PembinaValleyOnline also inquired whether police found any signs the seized firearms were going to be used in some other crime.

“Anytime someone has a collection of weaponry, as in this case, particularly prohibited weapons, and the capability of manufacturing additional prohibited weapons, there is an obvious risk to public safety,” said Goertzen. “However, investigators did not find any indication of an imminent violent action involving these weapons and devices. As far as specific motivation, we don't have a comment at this point.”