Chance to Grow is an initiative by the Child and Family Services Foundation to raise funds to enhance the lives of the children in our community. The fourth annual plant sale is under way to support this cause. 

Becky Lowen is on the Child and Family Services Foundation board of directors.  

“What we do is raise money through things like this plant sale to help kids that come from economically disadvantaged homes, so they can still participate in extracurricular activities. Examples would be sports, music lessons, dance lessons, swimming lessons, like anything where there's a cost to participate. We try to help cover those fees for these families.” 

This year, the foundation is selling the Proven Winner Supertunia, which is a variety of petunia that doesn't need any dead heading.  

“For those of us that know anything about flowers, that means you won’t have to pick off the dead flowers, and they will continue blooming profusely all summer long.” 

The plant color this year is a white petunia with the throat of it a beautiful bright pink color with some banding into the flower. It was chosen to complement any kind of landscape. 

Plants are $6 each, or 10 for $55. Deadline to order is May 17. Orders can be picked up at the Child and Family services office on May 22, located at 324 S Railway Avenue in Winkler. If you order 10 or more, the flowers will be delivered to your home in the Pembina Valley.

Loewen thanks the community for their continued support and expresses her gratefulness to those impacting these children through these plant sales. 

“These kids come from financially disadvantaged families. They can't pay the upfront cost of being a part of a lesson or a team. It's amazing the feedback we've had on how positive this is for kids. Personally, we have witnessed how enriching it has been to be involved in extracurricular activities. So, that is what this cause is for. So, if you have the ability to participate, we would just encourage you to do so.” 

Click below to listen to the full interview with Becky Loewen and Connie Bailey. 

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