A water main break affecting the fire suppression system at GVC Tec in Winkler caused extensive damage to a part of the building last week, and closed it to students for several days.
The break happened overnight, and when maintenance staff arrived in the morning, water was pouring out of some of the doors and onto the street.

"Our crews did a great job," said Garden Valley School Division Secretary-Treasurer, Kevin Vovchuk. "We brought in some restoration folks who were able to clean it up in short order. That was fresh water that came into the building," added Vovchuk. 

Once crews started getting into the damage, Vovchuk says they realized it wasn't as extensive as they first feared.

"It took about two days to get things under control, and we started classes again on Monday of this week."

Vovchuk says the City of Winkler was called immediately after the break was found.

"The City responded very quickly. It took them a little while to turn off the water, but we eventually turned off the main, and started the restoration at that point."

Vovchuk said the water break filled the south side of the building with a couple inches of water.

"We immediately called the insurance company and opened a claim, and they kind of drove us through the process. They give us instructions as to who to bring in, and how to mitigate the problem, so we don't have more damage."

After re-opening to RRTVA students on Monday morning, the building was closed to students again Tuesday and Wednesday, due to an unrelated sewer issue. Due to a strong sewer odour, Vovchuk says the decision was made to cancel classes at GVC TEC for an additional couple of days.

GVSD's heavy-duty diesel mechanic and carpentry programs are taught out of GVC TEC. A science class also uses the facility for their study in horticulture.